The Bakul Group of Companies are leading manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Bulk Actives, Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals of a high quality standard. The API and intermediate manufacturing facilities are located in the Western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The facilities operate under strict GMP norms.

The production facilities are capable of performing a large number of synthetic conversions including those requiring cryogenic conditions.

The production personnel comprise of well-trained Synthetic Organic Chemists, Analytical Chemists and Chemical Engineers with a total work force of 300+ that are subject to a regular refresher training programme in GMP, Safety and commitment to protecting the environment.

Keeping in mind the social responsibilities, all our manufacturing facilities are equipped with elaborate effluent treatment facilities and we strive to set aside at least 10% of the area in our manufacturing facilities for the plantation of trees to counter-balance the carbon emissions that arise from our facilities.

We derive our name from the Bakul tree (Mimusops elengi), an evergreen revered for it’s aromatic as well as medicinal properties. All parts of the tree have medicinal value and are used to treat diseases ranging from dental ailments to heart disease. The tree provides us with inspiration to develop products that benefit mankind in an environmentally friendly manner.

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