The manufacturing facilities are spread over 3 different locations. The two bigger facilities have 10000 m2 land with current built up area of over 2000 m2 each.


* Reactors: >30 with materials consisting of glass lined, stainless steel, rubber lined, lead lined and mild steel with capacities from 100 L to 5500 L

* Distillation facilities: Up to 10 mm vacuum with fractionation column of 10 m. Multiple set-ups with capacities ranging from 50 L to 2000 L

* Steam generation: Up to 2400 kg/hr

* Thermic fluid heater: 100,000 kcal/hr up to 300 degrees C

* Refrigeration plants: 20 Tonnage Refrigeration (TR) up to -40 degrees C

* Cooling Towers: Total cooling capacity > 300 TR

* Air Compressors: Present at each facility

* Filtration equipments: Polypropylene filter presses, nutch filters, pressure filters

* Centrifuges: from 24 inch to 48 inch

* Driers: Fluid bed drier on each site and multiple trays driers

* Blender: 500 kg octagonal

* Clean Rooms: Each site has finishing area with 5 micron filtered air and is currently being fitted with HEPA filters

* Waste Treatment: Each site has elaborate effluent treatment facilities to handle a variety of chemical waste

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